Ethics Counsel and Defense

In most, if not all, professional disciplines, cultivation of public trust in professional services lies at the heart of ethical codes.  In everyday therapeutic practice it is sometimes a challenge to consistently attune to the basic principles that underlie our ethical guidelines.  

While the ethical code is undoubtedly based on important underlying principles, the fact is that the codes are comprised of words, concepts, and language which are almost always open to interpretation and some degree of ambiguity.

As an experienced attorney I have been trained to process, analyze and interpret law and regulations.  As an experienced therapist I am able to appreciate the real-world application of these proscriptions to your professional practice.

I am available for consultation to provide professional opinions around discrete ethical issues.  If you are facing more discipline or an Accusation by the state, I am able to provide defense to these charges which may involve settlement negotiations with the attorney general and/or representation at a formal administrative hearing.  Please feel free to give me a call for a free initial consultation at (415) 508-6263.