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Overcoming Self-Doubt in the Context of Legal Challenges

Whether in the throes of a divorce or family law dispute, criminal proceeding, or most any other type of litigation, the likelihood exists that certain allegations have been made that one has failed to conform his or her conduct to some level of expectation.  For most people, such allegations can instantaneously and unconsciously trigger defensive reactions that quickly serve to rob people of clarity needed to constructively and effectively deal with the realities of these situations.

The typical ego-driven defensive reactions in such a scenario will trigger responses aimed largely at discrediting these allegations and establishing to the contrary that it was the alleging party who was “wrong.”  Thus may begin a downward spiral of attack, defense, and self-doubt that the participants may soon find has significantly exacerbated their challenges.

The initial step in avoiding or curtailing this downward spiral is to take the time and make the space to sit with your current situation long enough to reestablish a grounded connection to being.  Through this process, you will come to an experiential appreciation that the allegations that have been made do not define you as an individual.  You can reconnect with your essential goodness.  You can regain some critical objectivity to your situation as well as empathy for others who are involved in and affected by this conflict.

The primary goal of holistic law practice is to help individuals reestablish their connection to a felt sense of being within the context of challenging legal proceedings.  In so doing, a legal strategy can be crafted and implemented that is far more likely to produce positive, and potentially transformative, results for all involved.  At the same time, clients will find that they have strengthened their abilities to more effectively deal with the inevitable ongoing challenges of life that will arise even after the current legal situation is resolved.

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